2001 Harley-Davidson Road King

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Leather :-)

Even though, to many people, it appears that William is a big, tough, not someone to mess with, bad-ass biker (he is),...he is also a big, kind-hearted teddy-bear. He surprised me Friday (3-12-2010) while we were out just cruising around. We were browsing in an Army/Navy Surplus store in Aransas Pass and he bought this new jacket for me (with a full zip-out lining including full sleeves). I love it! (and I love the smell of good leather!) Turns out, the guy who runs the place is also a biker and has a lot of jackets, vests, chaps and boots in stock...even name-brand Harley-Davidson stuff and RedWing boots and shoes. It's a cool store full of all sorts of things, including Tony Lama boots and cowboy hats, belts, women's and children's cowboy boots and clothes, lots of camping gear, all sorts and sizes of foam padding for whatever, knives, jewelry, the list goes on and on...some good prices and some way overpriced, but the jacket was a very good deal. We like to do things for each other "just whenever" and "just because". We both hate the commercialism of Christmas and all the other holidays. Getting together with family and/or friends once in a while on a special occasion over a good meal, sharing conversation and laughter, is what we both prefer. We quit all that present-giving nonsense a long time ago (because marketing/advertising companies tell you, you are "obligated to give because it's a holiday" and society in general has let itself be pressured by the guilt-feelings if you don't). Phooey!


  1. What a gorgeous jacket!! How nice that a big bad-ass guy wanted to give it to you....just "because". I'm right there with you on the gift giving thing. Bruce and I never give gifts for anything anymore. Our RV travel life is our best gifts to each other and we want nothing else. We don't even give anniversary gifts. I love him all year, not just on our anniversary. LOL That store you wrote about sounds awesome and a great place to spend a couple of hours browsing around. Have fun. I really enjoy your blog very much.

  2. very nice. Now let's see a picture of it on you!



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