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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A man died on our front porch today...

Just when I thought things were quieting down a bit,
...a man died on our front porch today.
So sad. You just never know, do you?

He was a local neighborhood guy that lived a few blocks a way. He was 73. He walked over this way quite often to say hello to us and some of the other neighbors on our block. We figure that he came by because he wanted to see the inside of our new RV (like he did last year)...but, he never rang the doorbell or knocked. He just sat down on our glider on the front porch and sort of "fell asleep", sitting straight up (he didn't fall over sideways like you would think).

I was still sleeping just on the other side of the wall from him in the bedroom (if there was no wall, our heads would have been about ten inches apart) and William was watching football in the living room. I was tossing and turning in my sleep (maybe I sensed it?)...until I heard a neighbor pounding on our door.

The mail lady noticed he was dead (well, not right away) when she came to deliver our mail...she told us that she thought he was a Halloween decoration at first, I'm not kidding! She looked again when she was across the street from us and thought it looked strange, so she told our neighbor and then I heard him (the neighbor) pounding on our door. I jumped out of bed (literally). We thought he was joking at first. Then I called the police.

The police were here right away and they just sort of hung around all that time ...they knew him and liked him. The police evidence tech figured he had been dead for over half an hour before the mail lady noticed him. He (Larry...that was his name) sat on our porch for about four hours before the county coroner finally showed up.

Sad thing is, Larry's wife of forty years just came home from the hospital two days ago after heart surgery.

Gosh, I thought I would be writing to fill you all in on our "adventures" (said with tongue in cheek) over the past two weeks. ...as I said on my Facebook page the day before yesterday; Whew! What a crazy "Murphy's Law" kind of past two weeks it's been!!! Just chillin' now...will play "catch up" as soon as we take care of a few more glitches.

Well, now we need a little more time to "catch our breath"...so I'll try to catch up soon folks.

And....yes...you might think I'm morbidly curious, but, I did take photos (I know that Larry would not mind a bit and he had quite a sense of humor)...but, I can't post any yet, until I make some room on this old Dell laptop for more photos.

I'm a bit "out of sorts" at the moment, so ...later folks....
- Mary Ann :-(


  1. Wow what a strange day you had.

  2. What a strange and sad thing to have happened. Sorry you had to deal with this when you were feeling very good.

  3. I can't imagine what I would do. I guess there is nothing you really can do. At least he was at a friends house. What will become of his wife now? I mean her care? Stay safe...

  4. Oh wow! We are sending you our deepest and most sincere condolences! What a bizarre way to find someone. But at the same time it's peaceful. Sitting on a friends front porch....just passing on. Beautiful really. We send you strength and hugs during this difficult time.

    I just found out about the passing of my Grandma this morning. The circle of life. It's never easy but I've learned to find the peace within it.


  5. Sounds like Larry went out with pure peace! When i live in Vancouver about 2 twice a week i would have to step around the dead on the way home in early morning. After a few weeks of this it became the "norm". I certainly wouldn't have believed it if i didn't live it!! May sound strange to some but i'm looking forward to your pics. Pics always wrap up a story even if its not glits and glamor. Hope your on the road soon. Bob

  6. Sounds like he went peacefully,but not at a good time for his wife.

    Come to think of it, there never is a "good" time!

  7. Poor Larry's wife. I hope she took the news OK. You never know after major surgery exactly what could happen. Sorry for all of you there.

  8. Egads! What a thing to wake up to. :(

  9. Oh my what a thing to wake up to! I hope his wife will be OK. That must have been some kind of day for you, not one I would want. Hope the rest of your week goes well.

    Kevin and Ruth



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