2001 Harley-Davidson Road King

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bent Palm Trees (Aransas Pass, Texas)

We were going to run some errands today, but the winds are just too strong.
Weather report says the wind chill will be around 22 degrees farenheit. Dang!
Like many other people across the country, we sure are ready for some
consistent sunshine and warmer temperatures!

Looking out our window this afternoon

We like this park because it's quiet and people are very friendly, but they mind their own business, the price is right and we can walk to the water or take a short drive to the big beaches of Mustang Island and Padre Island. :-)Ransom Road RV Park


  1. Bent Palm Trees sounds like the name of a rock group! :)

    One certainty about Texas; they do have wind!

  2. This weather is crazy. I hope the warm weather gets to you soon!

  3. We have been having some strong winds over here too. Yesterday there were even some snow showers.



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