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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I know...I have a LOT of blogging (catching up) to do!

I've been blaming my lack of blogging on the very slow Internet connection here, but it shouldn't actually have kept me from writing. The slow connection is due, I believe, to what appears to be an almost full RV park, lot's of wind and rain and cold, thus EVERYONE and their brother trying to use the Internet at the same doggone time! When it's warm and sunny, we try to get out and RIDE or hang out on the beach or do SOMETHING. I get on this computer almost every day and check my MySpace, Facebook, email, do maintenance on websites I've made for other people, read blogs I follow and by then HOURS have gone by and I'm too tired (or too lazy) to think clearly enough to write anything, SO, here I am telling you all that I'm going back about a month or so and will be posting LOTS of photos of our adventures here in Port Aransas as my slow Internet connection allows. Heck, I haven't even gone back yet to update my previous blogs...oh well, I hope that gives you all something to look forward to. By the way, I sure do enjoy reading other's blogs!

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  1. An RV park has always seemed as an ingenious arrangement to me. Walkable, no more indoor space than necessary and always a theoretical possibility of getting out quick. (I realize there are down sides to this, too. It only takes one crazy neighbor for everything to go haywire.) Interesting and illustrating point about the airwaves getting crowded. Even when everybody's indoors, you can still tell what time of day they're busy.



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