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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Mother's surgery...

Photos taken just before surgery...
Mom in the surgery prep area with a great attitude!
L-R: William, Mom, me, Trish, Joe

Mom made it through a rather complicated surgery on Monday. After the surgery, they told us that they wanted to send her home the next day with the catheter! WHAT?! That kind of surgery used to keep people in the hospital for weeks! It's all about the $MONEY$ now, it seems. Even the hospitals are run by huge, evil, greedy corporations...Universities, too (something I learned about when my daughter entered college four years ago).

Anyway, she IS still in the hospital, still unable to stand without becoming VERY sick to her stomach, and still in a great deal of pain and still with a catheter. So, they will keep her until at least Thursday afternoon, maybe even Friday. I will go and stay with her to take care of her for a while. My sister, Theresa is coming from Ireland on Sunday to help for a couple of weeks, and my baby sister, Trish, of course is ALWAYS there helping. My brother, Joe, too. I'm sure that she WILL rest much better in her own bed and that will probably help her to heal faster. Having her home sooner wouldn't be as much of an issue to us, I think, if she hadn't already been rushed to the hospital with a minor heart attack a few weeks ago. All just another part of life that we all must deal with at some point. We (the four of us siblings and our children) have told Mom that her house will be a "party house" while she is recuperating. Her face lit up with a big smile because she knows that that means she will have all of her children and most of her grandchildren around her, hanging out and visiting with her, doting on her, cooking together, watching movies with her, etc. We will of course be very, very quiet much of the time so she can rest and sleep. :-)

Trish in the family waiting area working on the arrangements for her TRIPLETS high school graduation party. (yes, I said triplets! Jessica, Jack and Elizabeth, 17 1/2 years old now, great kids, and very cool people, and I love them very, very much!)

Photos taken just outside of the family waiting area
(early morning)...

"Butthead"...see the face?


  1. I am overwhelmed with envy.
    Good health to your mom.

  2. Thanks for the update on your Mom. It is great that so many will be on hand to help her out with the recovery.

    Your pics are totally awesome!

  3. I can only agree that all your photos are taken by someone who has an empathy with the beauty in everything.

    Superb blog.

    Geoff in New Zealand



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