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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday travels - Mac laptop?, Verizon, Flying J Truck Stop, 1100 miles in two days...

Had my Verizon internet "tethering" hooked up again yesterday (Thurs)...until we get back home in Michigan, but, tonight is the first chance I've had to use it. Since my computer crashed in December...it HAS to be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to do anything at all. This battery was purchased around September 2009 ($174.00! HAS to be a DELL) because the other one wouldn't hold a charge any more and it HAS to have a battery in it in order to work at all (even if plugged in....stupid, heh?). This battery is supposed to last for at least 6 hours (yeah, right!) but, it NEVER, not even brand new, lasted for more than 1 hour and fifteen minutes, tops! I will NEVER buy anything from DELL, ever again! AND their "service" SUCKS!

A few friends have been strongly suggesting that I consider a Mac laptop next time around. A few days ago I had the chance to briefly use a friend's Mac (thank you Johnny Nicholas! ...GOOGLE the Hill Top Cafe in Texas)...and another friend, JD in Arizona has been telling me about Macs for over a year....well, I do believe that that's very likely what I will do sometime soon. This Dell laptop (XPS M1710) is definitely on it's last legs (again). I'm really hoping that it lasts at least long enough for me to download all my photos onto back-up cd's when I get home, before it konks out for good. (fingers crossed!) What do YOU all think? Advice and suggestions are welcome at this point in time.

Anyway, here I sit at a table in a Flying J Truck Stop not too far from Nashville, plugged into the outlet right at my table. It's late and I'm tired. William and I had a late dinner here (same table) and he went back to the trailer to sleep. We have put 1100 miles behind us in two days...I know, that's pushing it, but well...we just plain felt like it...and we're anxious to get back home. Don't know if I'll have the opportunity to get online again before we get home, so Happy Easter to everyone (no matter what denomination you are or aren't)!

Lots of photos coming, soon as I can get to editing and posting.

P.S.- Has anyone tried the new Cricket mobile phone/internet service? If so, what do you think of it? I heard that you get much more for much less. Is that true and how good is the coverage?

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