2001 Harley-Davidson Road King

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bandera, Texas - March 2010 "Thunder In The Hills" Biker Rally ~ Part 1 ~

~ Part 1 ~

This is the field where everyone with RV's set up camp.
It filled up fast after this pic was taken.
There was another large area for tent camping with your bike.
We used to do that, but not anymore. :-)

This is the rig we started out with last year.
Very nice, but not for us.
One winter as snowbirds was all we could handle.
It was just too small with no slides.
We sold the truck and the RV this past spring,
so we could upgrade to what we have now.
We did keep our screen house though!
We've gotten a lot of great use out of it,
and it's still in perfect condition.
We used it when we used to tent camp, too. :-)

To be continued. Check back for Part 2 ..........

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