2001 Harley-Davidson Road King

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

People fishing (it's a Garfish) in the evening at the end of our road. (Aransas Pass, Texas)

December 29, 2010 -

Blue Crab


Common name: Garfish
Scientific name: Beloniformes
Water type: Saltwater
Fight Rating: Medium
Specie Description: The garfish are oviparous and the eggs are often found attached to objects in the water by tendrils on the egg's surface. Garfish have unusually green bones (due to biliverdin) which discourages many people from eating them. Many consider garfish to be delicious fried, baked or barbecued.Its pelvic fins are located in a posterior position as are its dorsal and anal fins. They are positioned for posterior flexing of the body.


  1. I recognize the crab but what is the long skinny thing?

  2. Love all the pics today, but I want to know what the skinny fish is too?



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