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Saturday, January 15, 2011

UPDATE: Computer problems and very limited internet connection...

Well, it took a ridiculous amount of time just to type the title for this post. I wonder how long it will take to finish this post?...hmmm... (a very frigging looooong time! You don't even want to know!)

Firstly, this is a very nice RV park, but the (slow) internet connection goes out frequently, sometimes for a whole day. Trying to use it during the day is almost always impossible, so it's a good thing that I'm a "night owl"...but this is just nuts! If I stay up into the night to use this laptop, then I'm too tired to do anything during the day, but sleep. If I go with William during the day to do stuff and see things, which I love, ...and take pictures, which I also love to do, as most of you well know, then I'm too tired to use the computer late at night. Very frustrating.

I've seriously considered using Verizon (our phone service) internet to tether to my laptop, which I usually do for only a few days at a time when we're actually on the road, but as a monthly usage while here in Texas for the winter, it's just too darn expensive (I would easily use up the 5 gb limit in no time, and I refuse to pay $80.00 per month for their 10 gb limit (I doubt that it would be enough for me either). I keep hoping that Verizon will come up with a truly unlimited, reasonably priced plan soon. In the meantime, I'll just keep "making do" with what I have (and be grateful for it). :-)

Secondly, my laptop is showing serious signs of age and wear. It's time for a new one (thinking of a MAC), but after our fairly recent truck and RV purchases (which we plan to use for the next 20 years! LOL), we have to be very frugal for a while, ...it's just not in the budget right now. I've had this DELL XPS1710 since June of 2006. We'll never buy another DELL! This is the third replacement they sent me, since the first two didn't work. This one isn't even the same model we originally ordered...they decided that they would send me their newest top-shelf model to get me to stop calling and complaining.

It has Windows Vista, which I did not order, so I had to learn that too (still not sure if I have! LOL). They also had to replace the printer (that came with the original order) three times, same reason, didn't work. The third one worked for a little while (with very light usage), but it died over a year ago and we haven't replaced it yet, even though I do need one sometimes. I'm looking for a printer that does NOT use $28.00 ink cartidges, and will be RV friendly, but there's no rush because of the condition of this computer.

This laptop crashed a year ago, was supposedly "repaired" at a local computer shop at a high cost, the worst of which was permanently losing some very expensive professional web design programs and many, many photos that had not been backed up yet. :-(
It's been working since then, but it's never been the same as it was, and seems to have lost a huge amount of memory. I'm very careful with it (always have been) and it rarely gets moved around.

And now, for the second time in a year, some of the keys simply stopped working (they inexplicably, magically started working one day after a couple of weeks about six months ago).
Now and for the past few weeks, I have to use the "virtual" on-screen keyboard in order to use the space bar, forward slash, question mark and the letters "b" and "n" (like right now).
I don't use a mouse...just the little pad below the keys...and a couple of my fingers...LOL.
I guess I should pull out that little portable mouse that I always pack, but never use...might make this a bit easier...ya think?

I have been reading and keeping up with all of your blogs (which I enjoy immensely, it makes me feel connected to you, my blog friends)...but please forgive me for not leaving comments...sometimes I try, but then get fed up and I give up because typing on this thing is such a pain in the neck.

For the time being, and for as long as I have to, most of my posts will consist of just photos...hopefully telling a story each time...or at least keeping everyone up to date with where we are and what we're doing. Please know that I will try to respond to your comments and emails...if I can.
- Mary Ann

A little note about this RV park: http://www.ransomroadrvparkinc.com
We like it MUCH better than where we stayed last year! (Pioneer RV Beach Resort in Port Aransas). Ransom Road RV Park in Aransas Pass is very clean, quiet, pleasant and well maintained! The management and fellow rv'ers are very friendly, but they're not nosy or intrusive. I can go for days without talking to anyone if I want to...love that! It's close to all kinds of great places...and the price is right! :-)


  1. I'm glad you're liking the park you are in this year. I could live without this present cold snap, though. :)

  2. If you find a printer with cheap ink cartridges, let me know. Now it's almost cheaper to buy a new printer. Heck, we got a new HP all-in-one wireless for $79, the cost of two cartridges.

    If your computer has lasted 4 years, that's really good. Most I have managed lately is 3 and some only 2. So sad...and it's all manufacturers, not just Dell.

    We have two laptops right now, mine is the oldest. When either one dies, Stu will get an iPad and I will get the working laptop. When that goes, we plan to get a Mac laptop.

  3. Hey, I feel your frustration. Hughie is acting up and the park WiFi is a rollercoaster ride. Laptops are okay, tho. Have bookmarked Ransom as a place to stay next time we're down that way. I envy your warm temperatures, although today's not too bad here in southern MO. Take care!

  4. Computers, are lke men, always needing a upgrade! Hope you get it sorted it soon, It is amazing how relient we have become on them.. Looking forward to hearing more.

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