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Friday, June 24, 2011

Blogger's Block?

Hello again everyone,

If there IS such a thing as Blogger's Block, I must say that I think I've had it for a very long time...since Texas anyway. When I get down in the dumps, I have a very bad habit of just clamming up and shutting out the rest of the world, except for those closest to me (and sometimes even them). Not healthy, I know, but that's what I do.

I had these ideas about what I was going to write about and when I was going to write it....but...well, all that fell apart when some things didn't go as planned, and I just didn't pull it together again, so I hope that you will please forgive me for my neglect and bad manners. I have been reading your blogs sometimes, but just haven't commented. Sorry.

I'm going to try to get back to it....a little at a time. Things will probably be somewhat jumbled for a while, at least chronologically.

Just off the top of my head, some of the things I want to write about:

My parent's health is not good. Dad's health seems to be the worst. I'll post a note here that he wrote recently, and I'll update on both of them soon.

I have a fantastic new camera that William bought for me just before we left Texas, but I have not used it yet. In fact, it's sadly still in the box. Don't worry, I'll get to it one of these days when the inspiration hits me. It's a Nikon D3100. (new tripod too!) :-)

I took up beading just before we left Texas, and I've been on a slow roll with it ever since then. It's relaxing and I really enjoy the creative process.

I really do care about what happens to all of you in my blogger "circle". Thanks for hanging in there with me (us).

- Mary Ann


  1. I think Blogger is "acting up"again. I've had a heck of a time trying to post today and it won't let me edit my posts. Anyone else having problems?

    And yes, I was typing to fast...it's supposed to say "inspiration".

  2. *gasp* You have a brand new Nikon, and it's sitting in the box?
    Never mind. It's your camera. You can do as you please. None of my business.
    I just sort of floated on in here and was caught by the title, since I find I go through periods where I know that if I start writing about what might pop into my head, or maybe my "perception" of things, I'll just come across as a whining snivelling idiot. Probably best not to do that. So in that case, "blogger's block" is in full effect.
    Now, if only strangers were reading, then I guess that would sort of be OK, or at least different. But there's enough nonsense on the net, so no point in adding to it.
    Sometimes it's not easy to have anything to say that's all that worth while. I get it.
    It'll come to you. Give it time.

  3. Glad to see you back posting again. Get that nice new Nikon out of the box!!!

  4. Hi Mary Ann,

    I'm EightCat Design on Etsy, and I just added you to my circle. Beading should be a controlled substance, it's so addictive.

    Blogger has been messing me around for weeks. Pushes my pictures around without my consent, doesn't know its right from its left.

    The Good Luck Duck

  5. So glad you are posting again. I can certainly understand bloggers block. We are fairly stationary this summer and it makes it much harder to blog than when we were traveling more. Once a week is about all I manage right now but I'm ok with that. Take care and I look forward to catching up on you as you start to blog again. :)

  6. I am still alive.


  7. I know what you mean by Blogger's block alright. I sometimes really have to push myself & then end up writing something I wished I hadn't. That down in the dumps feeling is a very real happening for many of us. It comes from dealing with life head on & not taking a fantasy approach to life. Thanks for the email a few weeks ago & I will be getting back to you shortly on that. I finally managed to crawl out of the dumpster long enough Friday to begin regaining control of my email correspondence again:)) I also understand leaving the Nikon in the box for now. Hard for me to think creatively or keep my photographic interests going when I'm down. I think a lot of us are probably like that......



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