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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Update: More readable? About my Dad and this blog...

To those of you who posted kind words regarding my Dad, and to those of you who read about it and thought kind thoughts without posting, THANK YOU straight from my heart!......I do that all the time (not post comments), even when I know I should say something but just can't bring myself to, because sometimes reading about the imminent or recent death or dire illness of someone else's loved one often brings thoughts of our own mortality and that of those we love and care for, too close to the surface for our own comfort...that's ok...I understand that all too well.  We all must deal with illness and death at various times during our lifetimes, and on top of that, more often than not, we are juggling all of the neccessary things and events of daily living at the same time.

So far, Dad is feeling a bit more comfortable, is quite talkative and is still hoping to go home to his own bed...his Doctors will tell us more soon.  We're sadly rather skeptical, but still hopeful.

As I type this, I am spacing for paragraphs, but I see that others are having trouble with this new format and I think that I learned yesterday that I can't "copy and paste" here?  I'm going to give this new format a good try with this old(er) brain of mine...I'm sure that I will have to do some research though.

This blog really needs a total visual makeover and I think that perhaps I should keep the "less is more" philosophy at the forefront of my changes.  Some of the gadgets will have to go.  I will eventually get back into my photography and posting photos here along with (hopefully) writing and posting more often.  It's kind of funny, especially because I have never met most of you, but I find this a comfotable place and really enjoy reading many of your blogs on a regular basis.  I wonder if this little blog world of ours affects some of you the same way?

By the way, dear blogger pals, I won't turn down any good advice for how to use the newfangled  blogger stuff and/or the way my blog looks...only one thing...I really want to keep a black background because I love the way it makes my photos "pop".


Please forgive the repeat, but I'm re-typing most of my last post here now for those of you who could not possibly read it because of the tiny print or whatever (thanks for the emails letting me know) ...so here goes:

Many of us ask for prayers from time to time for various reasons, which I think is a good thing...so now I am asking all of you for prayers for my Dad.  He is back in the hospital...the cancer that is throughout his whole body is trying to take its final toll.  He's been fighting this like a warrior for years now, and he's still fighting an amazing and inspirational fight.  He would, of course, rather be at home for this part of his journey, so we're praying that he will gain enough strength and stabilization to do that.  Right now only God knows...but I sure am hoping and praying!  I know that this is something we all go through in life with our parents, so I certainly do appreciate your time and good thoughts for my Dad.  Thank you.


William and I are still here ...and I am reading all of your blogs (often, to William...he doesn't like operating the computer, but likes to keep up with everyone).  Much has happened since I last posted (months ago), both good and bad (and some so bad that it's funny now), but I just haven't had it in me to participate for a long time...and I have never let go of the intention to get back to it...some of you I know will understand, some of you won't...I know that, which is why I hardly feel that I even have the right to ask for your prayers for my Dad...but I'mdoing it anyway, hoping for a miracle. I'll be back when I can.  I feel like I've come to "know" many of you. Thank you for that.  - Mary Ann

P.S.- We are back in Michigan since the end of March, no more Texas winters (EVER, I think)...planning on Florida for next winter...the Clermont area.


  1. Mary Ann,

    I'm so glad your Dad is able to visit with you. There can be frustrations but so many special moments during this time.

    I agree the black background here helps photos stand out and, for me, it is actually easier to read text. I think your blog is fine-looking, but we all tweak ours now and then.

    Caring for someone, especially the elderly and terminally ill, is an all-consuming endeavor, actually a journey into a complete world in itself. I'm glad you've found time to post here; it can be an outlet, a way to vent or whatever. You'll get back into the swing of blogging and other parts of your life when the time is right.

    So glad you posted again and thanks for your comment on my blog. Keeping you all in my heart, thoughts and prayers - and you know I have a special soft spot in my heart for bikers! :)

    Peace, strength, love and light

  2. A little comment on your blog format: I appreciate the option you give of not having music. I don't read blogs that blast out music at me that I can't turn off. :)

  3. Still thinking of you Mary Ann & William. It's good you are able to spend the minutes, hours and days that your Dad has. Keep them in your heart...tell him everything you need to and help him with his transition. Not an easy time. All the best,



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