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Friday, April 18, 2014

Busy, busy, busy...

Been busy, busy, busy. Putting our beautiful RV up for sale. It was our dream to travel a lot, but health issues have popped up in both of us that will prevent us from doing so now. I'm really sad about it, It has very low miles on it and is like brand new or even better with the upgrades we did, like the buttersoft leather Lazyboy recliner loveseat, new very comfortable queen mattresses on two of the beds, had a satellite system installed, etc.

Oh well, life goes on and I hope we sell it soon. I've got my first two new grandbabies to spend time with (I've been busy babysitting, too!), and lots of jewelry making supplies to get busy on. I have a shop on Etsy, but I've had it in vacation mode for a long time. I'm hoping to re-open when I have my stock built up again and photos taken. It will be a while yet.

Is anyone shopping for a 39.6ft fifth-wheel toy hauler RV? It has a garage, three queen size beds, a full size loft bed with tv hook-up, 1 and 1/2 baths, a fireplace, three flat screen tvs, hook-up outside for a flat screen tv, inside/outside stereo system, fuel pump, etc., etc.

I'll post soon more about the RV and my new grandchildren with photos as soon as I get a little time to gather some photos for this blog.


  1. Howdy Mary Ann. Looks like you're in for a big life change. But grandkids and crafts will make it exciting. teehee. Your 5er looks beautiful. A dream for our future but too busy to do a bunch of traveling right now. My husband and I run a small RV park and are pretty locked down to our location right now. We have an RV park facebook and G+ page and I often post RV's for sale that friends or guests are selling so let me know if you'd like me to.

  2. Hate to hear you're going off the road but since we're now living in Ecuador any comments would be like preaching to the choir. Life does come into play....

    Hope you can find a buyer. We will be downsizing ours in a few years, too.

  3. PS. Let me know when your Etsy shop is open. I get so many compliments on the two bracelets you made me!

  4. sorry to hear you are coming off the road..but it sure sounds like you are going to be busy!!
    good luck with selling the rig..who ever buys it will be getting a fine looking outfit!!

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