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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Folding Bicycles and "Biker" Bicycle

Back in May of 2012, I posted that we sold our old bicycles (click to see pics) but I didn't update about what we replaced them with, so...this is about our new bicycles and why we chose what we did at the time.

William loved his old "PeeWee Herman" bike, but it did have a LOT of miles on it....mine, not so much.  I didn't like mine at all.  It was too difficult to ride and steer because it just didn't work very well and it had been a quick, cheap garage sale replacement for a really nice bike that I had many years ago.

At the RV parks we have stayed at, we saw people happily riding some pretty nifty, lightweight folding bicycles, so we decided to check into it, thinking that they would be great for travelling with (they are) and easy to take to parks near home (the parks we occasionally like to ride our bikes at are actually between 20 and 70 miles away) and I really wanted something that would be much easier (and safer) to ride. The fact that these bikes can be folded easily and even carried in a large tote bag is a terrific feature, but we just haven't ever used them that way.

We searched online and eventually decided that we liked the Origin 8 bikes the best and it just so happened that a couple of them were available at a nearby bicycle shop. We didn't have a color choice, but we didn't care. Here they are: 

                                                                    William's bike

                                                                         My bike
These Origin 8 bicycles are really terrific.  I love the little basket on mine and it's so easy to just pop off and on if I want to take it into a store or whatever. We had cushier, bigger seats installed, too.
I still have mine, but another bike caught William's eye when he took his gold one into the bike shop for a tune up last spring. The Origin 8 bicycles are in high demand in this area and he was able to trade it in for the new "biker" bicycle even though he had put many miles on the gold one (I don't ride mine very often, but I'm hoping to feel more like doing so this summer). William likes to keeps things in excellent condition, so I'm sure that helped.  He really likes the bigger bike and it suits him better.  Here is his current Nirve bicycle:


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