2001 Harley-Davidson Road King

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

UPDATE (in progress): Finally, one day last week we had a day in the high 60's, so we got the bike out for a little ride...

We took a little ride about 4 miles south to Mustang Island State Park to see what it's like. There were a number of RV's parked there ($16.00 per night w/ W&E)...and we found out that we can go fishing there from the shore or a dock or pier WITHOUT having to buy a Texas fishing license ($60.00 per person!). The park entrance fee is $4.00 per person for the day, but we were allowed in free that day to look around for a few minutes, besides, the fog was descending again and the humidity has been 100% EVERY day!..I wonder if that's why my camera is beginning to act up? hmmm...
Anyway, we decided to ride into Port Aransas and visit Bernie's and the Gaff (Pirate Bar). We stayed for just a short visit and then made it back just in time to get the bike back in the trailer. The rain was starting again and it POURED all night with very strong winds.

The Gaff "Pirate Ship"

Excerpt from Answers.com:
Pirates of Port AransasAnonymous portrait said to be of Jean Lafitte

Port Aransas was a favorite of pirates in the early 1800s. Capt. Jean Lafitte and his hearty band of buccaneers spent lots of time on the Texas coast. Galveston would owe its start to him and Mustang Island was one of his favorite haunts. From about 1800 to the early 1820s, the seas, including the Gulf Coast, were full of pirate ships searching for fame and riches. Some of the pirates had no hesitation at all when it came to living a bit aside of the law. Capt. Jean Lafitte and many other pirates used Mustang Island as a place to make camp and, according to legend, a place to hide their treasure.
Local lore tells of pirate treasure buried in Port Aransas. The treasure chest is supposedly marked by a Spanish silver dagger. It's believed the dagger is laid on its side with silver spike driven through the hilt, securing the location.

The Gaff (Pirate Bar)

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