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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dragonflies and the Au Sable River...

Roger, William and Beverly. We were going to go canoeing on the AuSable, but the weather was waaay too HOT, so we decided another time. :-(

The Au Sable River is crystal clear!

We saw an eagle!...but, my camera's shutter speed was too slow to capture it well. It surely was a breathtaking sight, though! :-(

William and Roger checking out the Au Sable River

The Au Sable River, Grayling, Michigan


Just a random guy enjoying nature's solitude on the Au Sable river. (We left him alone after only a few minutes)

The "greeter" at the restaurant where we enjoyed a meal with Beverly and Roger before saying good-bye and heading home.

Saying our "see-ya's", Roger and William talking about getting together again as soon as we all can...maybe Texas again?

flowers in the restaurant parking lot



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