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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SHOPPING: Sams Club or Costco?

OK, I've been thinking about this for some time, but Rick
gave me a nudge with his poll about which web browser people use most (it was Firefox, but I use IE, for now) ...... (thanks Rick), so, I thought I'd try a poll too.

William and I have a Sam's Club membership. Anyway, I've heard people say that they like Costco better and I've heard people say that they have memberships at both (that would cost about $80.00 per year for both)...is it worth it? Or is one better than the other for various reasons, in your opinion?

Please tell me why, if you feel like it...and please at least cast your (anonymous) vote in my poll. (Upper right corner of this page...see it? Yep, that's it!) It will be up for the next few days, then I'll let you all know the final outcome. Thank you! :-)

- Mary Ann


  1. I voted "neither" because we do not buy into "memberships" of any kind. We have enough family and friends that sign up to Sams and Costco so we are always welcome to go and shop with them when we are in the area. We only go about once a year (if that) and we don't buy much because we just don't have the room (storage or fridge space) and too much weight is a big factor in the RV.

    Have a beautiful day!


  2. We have a COSTCO membership. I'm not even sure where a Sam's Club is in our area.

    We save on gas and because we have a business we run our credit Card service thru a Costco account.

  3. nice Harley..and it is Costco all the way..no Sam's Club in British Columbia!

  4. Costco here, I've never been in a Sam's Club store.

  5. I've been a Costco member since 1985, when they were Price Club. I don't really trust anything to do with Walmart (Sam's Club), because I don't believe all that roll-back junk. Does anyone really think they continually roll back prices and never raise them again? So I consider it deceptive and stick to Costco which I love. Also, Costco is starting to carry merchandise made in USA again - not much, but it's a start.

  6. We have Sam's Club, Costco wasn't in the area when we joined Sam's. We checked it out to compare the two and found them to be very similar.

  7. Cute poll idea, MaryAnn.

    We do Costco because we have one right across the street from where we stay when we are in Tumwater. We've looked at Sam's in my cousin's town and it was basically the same as Costco, so we didn't see any reason to belong to both.

  8. Im on the "neither" side, buying bulk just isn't for me.
    Neat poll though!

  9. We don't seem to be membership type folks either & we don't have either of those stores anywhere near us anyway. Never been in a Sam's Club & the only time Kelly took me into a Costco store I got lost in the peanut butter aisle & she had to report me missing....



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