2001 Harley-Davidson Road King

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Belt Sander Races!

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We rode the bike December 11th to the infamous Belt Sander Races
at The Gaff in Port Aransas,
said hello to some friends we made here last winter
and had a good time.

Taking off from Aransas Pass...

On the ferry from Aransas Pass to Port Aransas...
it's a free ride and it only takes a few minutes.


Kiwi taking care of business at the goal end of the track.

The track...


Some of the "contestants"...

William and our friend Ken.

Another member of the audience
(well-behaved dogs are welcome here).

Hey! You lookin' at me?

More entertainment at The Gaff...
didn't catch his name, but he was really good!

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Dec. 11, 2010 - The GAFF

Monday, December 27, 2010

A short walk down the road from our RV Park (Aransas Pass, Texas)...

There's a nice little park with gazebos, boardwalks and a boat launch
just a short walk down the road from our RV Park.

These pics are from December 12th:

Looking down into the water:

Duck hunters:

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Dec. 12, 2010


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