2001 Harley-Davidson Road King

Friday, October 30, 2009

New generator (just one of a few updates and pics to come over the next few days)

Recently purchased an ETQ TG72K12 8,250 Watt 13 HP (says 14HP on gen) 420cc 4-Cycle OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator with Electric Start (Non-CARB Compliant) through Amazon.com for $773.00. Thought it would come in handy when we boondock. So far, it's really great for the price, was easy to assemble the wheels, started first time on the first pull and is fairly quiet considering it's power. We can stand right next to it while it's running and have a conversation without shouting or straining to hear. Amazon service was terrific, quick and there was a special of tax included and free shipping at the time. We researched generators for a long time, most in the thou$ands of dollars for this kind of power, read all the reviews and decided to go with this one. Awesome! :-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Waiting, waiting...so frustrating...

Still waiting for the guy to come back and intstall the wheel chock.
He was also going to add a beavertail to the garage door with some diamond-plate and a piano hinge (make it much easier to ride the bike up the ramp), and a diamond-plate "shelf" to the trailer tongue...but, I don't know if that's going to happen now. He repeatedly not only does not show up when scheduled...he doesn't even bother to call to let us know he's not coming. Arrrrgh! We have already cancelled a few things only to sit here waiting for him and then he doesn't even answer if we call. All of this should have been done already. It's holding up our packing the trailer and we haven't been able to take the trailer for a local campground test run ....which we are supposed to do, according to the dealer (and actually, it's a good idea to make sure everything works properly, hook-ups, etc., and to make sure the warranty "rules" are followed).
The weather is getting much colder here now, so we're a little bit nervous about that...not to mention that many of the campgrounds are CLOSING for the winter.
Oh well, hopefully we will hear from him today.


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