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Friday, May 11, 2012

This newfangled technology is pretty cool, but sure is difficult to try to keep up with! How about you?

So, we have Direct TV at home (satellite, one on the RV too, which is why we switched to it last year or so)...anyway, called them a few days ago (ask for their "retainment" center...actually with ANY cable, internet or phone or whatever...those are the people who will move mountains IF they want to keep you as a customer) because I thought the bill was way too high (it was) for what we were getting. Long story short, got a BIG chunk knocked off the bill without losing any services and they sent a couple guys out Wednesday to upgrade the receivers (for FREE) and the guys hooked up another little gizmo, can't remember what it's called now (SWIM?), but they told me and showed me that I can play the radio on the TV and SEE telephone calls!, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., etc.,etc. Goodness gracious! Technology is moving along MUCH faster than my old brain can keep up with it!...but I'm giving it a good try! LOL! How about YOU?- Mary Ann

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sold our bicycles yesterday evening...

Took me longer to post the ad on Craigslist than it did to sell both bikes!  The phone was ringing within SECONDS of posting the ad (I think we didn't ask anywhere near enough for them, but my heart went to mush when I saw the college age kids that bought them for their regular transportation to get to work because they cannot afford cars or fuel in this f****** up economy...(makes me SO angry!)   William wants to buy a couple of folding bicycles to save on space (in the RV)....there ARE some really nice ones out there....I'm a bit skeptical, but definitely game....and my bike was difficult to ride.  William has had his Schwinn since the early 1970's and got a LOT of use out of it....and as you can see, it still looks (and rides) great.  Mine was a "whim" purchase a few years ago, but never "knocked my socks off"...and due to fairly recent health issues, I haven't ridden it much anyway (but, I WANT to).  Anyway...the bikes went to good homes for a song and we're both happy about it.  I'll post pictures of the new bikes when we get them (SOON).  
Meanwhile, Dad is still at home (thank God!)....and thank you all again for your kind thoughts, prayers and words.  I'll fill you in more, soon enough. - Mary Ann

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prayers have been answered. Dad is in his own bed.

Thank you for your prayers and kind thoughts everyone.  Dad is resting at home with Lorraine (my wonderful stepmother) willingly and lovingly at his beck and call (and battling her own cancer, but in much better condition than Dad...they met a few years ago in a cancer treatment waiting room, he is 81, she's79...and he loves that she sincerely laughs at his corny jokes...believe me, they're not that easy to laugh at after the 150th time you hear them...hahaha!...on the other hand, they're so corny, you just can't help but laugh,...and the doctors and nurses love him!).  We (all of us "kids") call her Dad's "Angel".
He is very weak and on more morphine and other things, but in fairly good spirits and of course happy to be in his own bed.  We were all quite surprised, since we weren't supposed to hear any decisions until sometime Monday....but, if  we stop and think about it...maybe it's not such a surprise, but rather a kind gesture on the part of his doctors?....time will tell.

Still hoping for more time (along with my three siblings),
Mary Ann

P.S. - There are a couple of pics of Dad and Lorraine on my FB page...I don't have the patience to transfer them here right now.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Update: More readable? About my Dad and this blog...

To those of you who posted kind words regarding my Dad, and to those of you who read about it and thought kind thoughts without posting, THANK YOU straight from my heart!......I do that all the time (not post comments), even when I know I should say something but just can't bring myself to, because sometimes reading about the imminent or recent death or dire illness of someone else's loved one often brings thoughts of our own mortality and that of those we love and care for, too close to the surface for our own comfort...that's ok...I understand that all too well.  We all must deal with illness and death at various times during our lifetimes, and on top of that, more often than not, we are juggling all of the neccessary things and events of daily living at the same time.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dear Blogger Pals, Please Pray for my Dad...

(copied from my FB page):

Many of us ask for prayers from time to time for various reasons, which I think is a good
thing....so now I'm asking all of you for prayers for my Dad. He is in the hospital
tonight...the cancer that is throughout his whole body is trying to take it's final toll. He's been fighting this like a warrior for years now, and he's still fighting an amazing and inspirational fight. He would of course rather be at home, so we're praying that he will gain enough strength and stabilization to do that. Right now, only God knows...but I am sure hoping and praying! I know that this is something that we all go through in life with our parents, so I certainly do appreciate your time for good thoughts for my Dad.
-Thank you,
Mary Ann


We're (I'm) still here reading all of your blogs (and not commenting, so sorry)....much has happened since I last posted, both good and bad (and some so bad that it's funny now), but I just haven't had it in me to participate here for along time...and I have never let go of the intention to get back to it...some of you I know will understand, some of you won't...I know that, which is why I hardly feel that I even have the right to ask for your prayers for my Dad....but, I'm doing it anyway, hoping for a miracle. I'll be back when I can. I feel like I've come to "know" many of you. Thank you for that.

P.S. - We are back in Michigan, no more Texas winters (ever, I think), Florida (Clermont area) next winter.

Lot's of catching up to do, eh?

P.P.S.- I'm having a heck of a time trying to post this so it's readable, I guess Blogger must have changed things again, so sorry until I figure it out.


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