2001 Harley-Davidson Road King

Friday, May 11, 2012

This newfangled technology is pretty cool, but sure is difficult to try to keep up with! How about you?

So, we have Direct TV at home (satellite, one on the RV too, which is why we switched to it last year or so)...anyway, called them a few days ago (ask for their "retainment" center...actually with ANY cable, internet or phone or whatever...those are the people who will move mountains IF they want to keep you as a customer) because I thought the bill was way too high (it was) for what we were getting. Long story short, got a BIG chunk knocked off the bill without losing any services and they sent a couple guys out Wednesday to upgrade the receivers (for FREE) and the guys hooked up another little gizmo, can't remember what it's called now (SWIM?), but they told me and showed me that I can play the radio on the TV and SEE telephone calls!, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., etc.,etc. Goodness gracious! Technology is moving along MUCH faster than my old brain can keep up with it!...but I'm giving it a good try! LOL! How about YOU?- Mary Ann

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  1. Just happened to notice your site on Gypsy's blog from a year ago. Just thought I would drop in & say Hi. Hope you are doing well.......AL & The Bayfield Bunch:))



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