2001 Harley-Davidson Road King

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bluegrass Festival at The Gaff (Port Aransas, Texas)


People playing "Chicken Bingo" (use your imagination) in the front yard at The Gaff while the Bluegrass Festival and Belt Sander Races are underway in the back yard.

A Malamute enjoying the Belt Sander Races

I wonder what that long black thing is over there? Wish we would have had the binoculars with us. It kind of looks like a dead dolphin? I hope not! It also kind of looks like a seal?...but I don't think they exist in this area. Maybe an alligator?...but wouldn't that be unusual right on the channel where all the big ships go through? I wish this was a much better picture. What do YOU think it could be?

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Feb.19,2011-The GAFF

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bent Palm Trees (Aransas Pass, Texas)

We were going to run some errands today, but the winds are just too strong.
Weather report says the wind chill will be around 22 degrees farenheit. Dang!
Like many other people across the country, we sure are ready for some
consistent sunshine and warmer temperatures!

Looking out our window this afternoon

We like this park because it's quiet and people are very friendly, but they mind their own business, the price is right and we can walk to the water or take a short drive to the big beaches of Mustang Island and Padre Island. :-)Ransom Road RV Park

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Small Art Gallery (Aransas Pass, Texas)

This is a small Art Gallery from the outside at night. After visiting with Amy and Charlie at their home in Ingleside-On-The-Bay, January 1st, 2011 (see one of my recent posts), William and I stopped in Aransas Pass for some take-out food a couple of doors down from the gallery and I snapped a few photos while we were waiting for the food.

I just thought it looked like a pretty cool little place. We haven't visited it yet when it's open, but we intend to. All of the art is done by local artists.

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Ingleside-On-The-Bay, Texas - Visiting at Amy's and Charlie's house, Jan.1st,2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snug as two bugs in a rug...(Aransas Pass, Texas)

What we've been doing for the past couple of weeks...

My post on January 26th was a very brief one about my daughter's accident (in Michigan). Thank you for your very much appreciated comments and messages of concern. She's unharmed (except maybe her pride) and she's very busy as usual with college and work (both full-time).

Like much of the rest of the country, we have been hunkered down during this very cold, icy weather...snug as two bugs in a rug actually. :-) I've been reading your blogs as often as I have an internet connection, and I feel for you, especially those who were/are in the worst of it.

We sure are glad that this rig has the blizzard package, and we've been making good use of the fireplace. We rode out a cold spell last winter down here in our previous rig (see last years earliest posts) and let me tell you...this year was much more comfortable!

Went for a ride on the bike (motorcycle) a couple of times before the weather got too cold (and when it wasn't too windy). Went bar-hopping a few times, ate out once or twice, watched movies, went to hear the band at Bernie's on a Thursday evening week before last, made a couple of trips for groceries, etc., etc.

Also, finally bought our fishing licenses...ouch! $68.00 EACH. We were told they were good for a year from date of purchase, which we were ok with...but then we were told AFTER we received them that they're only good through August for "out of state" people. We're here December through the end of March/early April. What a rip-off! Oh, well...you gotta pay-to-play just about anywhere these days. We did go shore fishing twice before the weather nose dived, but didn't get a bite. We'll try again when the weather gets warmer consistently.

Hope you're all doing well. Hang in there, it'll be warmer soon. :-)

E-Readers and E-Books

I don't have an E-Reader myself yet, but I'm slowly getting used to the idea and I'm always interested in reading about my fellow blogger's aquisitions of all the various forms of new technology, so when I came across this article earlier on Twitter, I thought I would share it with you here. Some pretty cool stuff.

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