2001 Harley-Davidson Road King

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday December 28, 2009 - (Click on a photo to view a larger version of it)

Ducks taking flight

? ? ?

William "excersize" walking with his headphones on

HAIRY BIKERS! (Thank you Theresa!) ;-)

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After their visit with our family in the States, Theresa and Andy returned to Ireland, and then went to England to visit Andy's family. While in England, Theresa came across this cook book and thought that William and I would get a kick out of it. We did! Hahahahahaha!!! She mailed it directly to our campgound. Now I'll have to try some of the recipes. Usually, I cook without a recipe, except when baking...you know, a pinch of this, a bit of that. I love to experiment and I love all kinds of ethnic foods. There just isn't enough room in this trailer for all of my herbs and spices, but, I did manage to bring about 25 of them. I consider myself a pretty good cook, but, Theresa is definitely the baker of the family. I do bake sometimes when the mood strikes and the weather outside sucks, but it isn't really my thing...I usually burn half of the cookies, or forget to take the brownies out of the oven on time, but I'm ok with bread sometimes, and I can bake a scrumptious pre-made store-bought frozen pie! ;-D
Funny thing...I just watched the movie "Julie and Julia" a few days before this arrived (Netflix subscription, just temporarily changed the address). Too much of a "chick flick" for William, he wouldn't watch it, so I watched it by myself on the computer (17 1/2" screen, HD) while drinking a glass of wine (or two)....and I enjoyed it! (the movie, too!) LOL!

Personally, I think they look like a couple of old hippies rather than bikers...but hey, I'm surely NOT knocking old hippies (I am one! Sort of.) And look at those goofy "football" helmets! LOL! I DO really enjoy their book, though!

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Hairy Bikers 12-28-09
Sorry, the pictures I took are lousy, but, they will give you an fairly good idea of the contents of the book.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Random guy on trike

Red Drum

Black Drum

Hardhead Catfish aka the Crucifix Fish (see it?)

Just a random store in Port Aransas

Taking the ferry to get some dinner in Aransas Pass

On our way "home" to our toy hauler in Port Aransas


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