2001 Harley-Davidson Road King

Monday, November 2, 2009

An update to "waiting, waiting"...

Well, the guy finally showed up a few days later, all sheepishly apologetic (but, this time we weren't buying it) and he still didn't have the *diamond-plate for the beavertail(garage door) and the (trailer)tongue that he had been promising, or some of his tools with him for a few other projects, so we just had him install the wheel chock (that he was supposed to bring with him, but also always "forgot", so we went out and bought one). He was supposed to straighten the television, because he installed it crooked, put the light fixture over the bed upright again (he took it out to do the wiring for the dvd-player that he had cut a hole out of the closet wall for next to the bed, but put the light fixture back upside-down), and a few other random things, but we just wanted him to go away at this point, so we decided to just live with the crooked television. As for the dvd-player, we originally thought that a very small shelf just above the tv might work, but the room is very small and the ceiling not very high, so someone could have easily bumped their head on it from time to time. The guy came up with the idea for cutting a hole in the closet. At first we thought that seemed rather drastic for our new "home", but then decided it would be a good idea ...(time will tell). At least the tv and dvd-player seem to be wired correctly and working great, and the guy is gone...so that's that.

DVD-player installed in closet.

The rolled up cable that is hanging on a 3m "Command" hook next to the tv is for hooking up to the laptop computer (it's already connected to the tv) to watch Netflix movies or other computer stuff. Cool, heh?

*Since then, Ben, a very good friend of ours came up with a great (and much less expensive) idea for a beavertail....and then he did an excellent job of installing it! Very precise. Thank you Ben!
"BEAVERTAIL" (garage door ramp extension)

Here are a few pics of some little mods we did ourselves:
Shark hand-vac

"Hook thing" for well...the obvious. We'll probably put a bungee cord across the door when travelling to keep them from banging against the door. ( and there's the new wheel chock).

A couple of extra heavy-duty locks (very difficult to cut). I put heavy-duty velcro on the backs of them to keep them from banging against the trailer door.

Used velcro on the paper-towel holder and soap containers! I won't have to bother moving them now.

Suction-cup "thingy" on shower glass next to bathroom sink for toothbrushes, etc. Also, thinking about maybe installing some kind of small light-weight shelf unit on the wall near the toilet (the only other usable wall-space in there).

*Experimental "work-in-progress"...trying to think of a way to keep from get bruised every time we get in and out of the dinette seats. Pipe insulation seemed like a good (and cheap) idea...but I have to come up with a way for it to NOT look like pipe-insulation. :-)

*UPDATE: Got fed up messing around with the pipe insulation, so I completely abandoned this idea....instead, just adapting to getting in and out of the seats while trying not to get bruised.

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