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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dad in hospital, gathering at Mom's house, Theresa's arrival...

Hi everbody, this is just sort of an update, things have been kind of crazy. My sister Theresa's trip here from Ireland (where she lives) was delayed by the volcano, Mom's surgery went well, then Dad suffered an unexpected disaster. I'll throw some pics up in a few blogs to sort of "catch up", then I'll try to get busy posting more photos from our first RV trip to and from Texas. Still poking my head in your "doors" whenever I can to read your blogs, but, I'll try to get back to commenting soon. Thanks for your patience.
- Mary Ann :-)

Lorraine (Dad's wonderful girlfriend who also has cancer)
feeding Dad 2 days before his thigh surgery:

From my Facebook updates (newsfeed):
April 24 at 8:00am
Hanging out with all my siblings tonight :-)

April 24 at 9:09am
Just found out Dad rushed to the hospital. Update later...

Sun at 8:51am
It doesn't look good. Spiral fracture of Dad's right femur, while he was simply sitting on his bed after taking his shoes off...he heard *POP*POP*POP*!, then EXTREME PAIN. His bones are about as strong as a cigarette ash. Doing "embollism" today to keep him from bleeding to death, then surgery tomorrow. We're hoping he... doesn't have to lose his leg (at top of thigh). I HATE CANCER!!!

Mon at 11:19am
Worried about Dad, waiting for word. He is still in the 1st of 2 complicated surgeries. Hoping he won't have to lose his leg (or worse). It started at 8 am and he is still in the 1st surgery. Dad, Mom's sugery, & niece Elizabeth all in a week and a half. Sheesh!

Mon at 12:47pm
Dad now in 2nd surgery, they took him in right after embolisation procedure. Expected to finish sometime after 4pm. Using computer here in waiting room, no signal for cell phones. (UPDATE sent by Theresa.)

Tuesday at 8:17am
WHEW! Dad's surgery went well, they put his leg back together with a rod, pins, etc. (Thank God they didn't have to "take" it.) He will be on heavy pain killers for a couple of days, so we'll see how things go.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Marvels of modern medicine! Dad has already been up sitting in a chair, he's eating and is in good spirits. He doesn't like the Morphine, so switched to Norco. Looks like he may have developed pneumonia though. They're running tests, then maybe antibiotics. Mom is doing much better too, was out shopping with Theresa today already! :-)

Sunday, May 2, 2010
Dad has been moved to what is supposed to be a physical therapy-rehab center for a few weeks, but it seems more like a convalescent home (old folks home) than a rehab center (MEDICARE SUCKS!), and he developed pneumonia (while in the hospital), so we're worried and praying that he can overcome it, and get on with his physical therapy. He can't walk yet, his house is full of stairs, and his bathroom is upstairs (across from bedroom), so he HAS to learn to at least walk with a "walker" first, or else he'll be "stuck" in his bedroom. He really wants to go home NOW.

Theresa had to go back to Ireland on Friday :-( , but she'll try to come back again in October.

More updates to come...

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your parents. I pray that they will recover quickly and be strong soon.

    Your video on the oil spill was very good. All over a measly $500,000, when it will cost them many millions to clean it up.
    That doesn't cover the loss of jobs and animal life. People can be compensated with money, but what are the animals to do?
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX



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