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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are these good weeds or bad weeds?

Should I let these grow or get rid of them?
What are they?
They popped up in my peony patch.
I've been told this is called Virginia Creeper, and some people actually buy it to grow in their gardens. Others say it is used for medicinal purposes. I'm thinking I should get rid of it, because it could take over the whole yard...NOT good.

This one seems to be a tree?

(anyone know?):

Still not sure what this tree is. Mulberry, perhaps?

UPDATE (August 21, 2010): The weeds are GONE! After doing a bit of research, we decided they had to go. William dug them out a few days ago, so, now it's just the poeonies, a few Lillies of the Valley and a few Violets in the patch. :-)


  1. The first one looks like 5 leaf poison oak in the picture but I'm not an expert and looking at pictures is kind of iffy.
    Google "5 leaf poison oak" images and check it out.
    I am really allergic to it and I started burning and scratching when I saw it.
    Don't touch it until you know unless you are like SWMBO. Doesn't bother her.

  2. Oh, that's funny! I looked at the picture and thought it's a great looking, healthy plant so keep it! I never thought it may be some kind of poison oak.

    I made Jonathan keep a pretty weed in our plant beds one year, and the next year it had taken over THE WHOLE THING!! It was like a sea of this weed, and everything else I had planted was hidden. So don't listen to me when I say to keep weeds :)


  3. It reminds me of poison oak, but ours have more ins and outs on the edges of the leaves. I would take the picture to a nursery before I messed with it.

    Is it a vine? poison oak climbs up trees and in fall the leaves get very red.

    It makes me itchy just to think about it!



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