2001 Harley-Davidson Road King

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mickey's Marina, Burgers, Thousands of Mullet...

Chillin' at the local marina
(er, um..."bar"), where I took most of these photos...

In addition to the wonderful views,
Mickey's has absolutely DEEE-LISH-US burgers
and homemade fries!
They're pricey, but they're huge...
two people could easily share one
and feel delightfully satisfied.
(unless you're ravenous)

William (on the right) and Doug Bell (on the left,
owner of the Rockin' B Steakhouse
...yes, "melt in your mouth" steaks and other awesome food)...
talking about their motorcycles.

A huge school of mullet (aka "bait fish" here)...
thousands of them swam up in to the marina...

Yes...they are as big as they look!

Mmmmm, did I see fish? :-b

Something big swimming (more like meandering)
through the canal (about 50 feet from our door)...

The canal alongside our RV Park
Local plants suffered a severe beating
from the golf ball size hail...


  1. Whatever is attached to that fin is TOO close! I won't even go to an aquarium because I don't want to get within 50 ft. of one!

    Glad the tornado wasn't too hard on your rig.

  2. That would be TWO fins... and a large sting ray of some sort, if you are lucky maybe even an eagle ray! When you see two small "shark fins" sticking up two to three apart, it's most likely the upturned wingtips of a ray. Gentle, wonderful creatures.



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